Shipping & Returns

Shipping services are both national and international.The shipping charges will be based on your area as well as weight of the product inclusive of service taxes.If you order our paperback book from particular site, then shipping will be handled by that site itself.If you order any of our merchandise or giftings, in such cases we will do the necessary shipping. 

Return,Exchange & Refund Policy

Our paperback/hardback books on the distribution sites are generally print on demand service. Means if you order one,then only it will be processed and shipped.The order once placed will not be cancelled.In case if you receive a faulty or wrong book,new(correct) book will be delivered to you.


Similarly the money once paid for any events or membership won't be refunded.If you are ordering our merchandise or gifting, you can return our product on the main address in case of faulty one and the new one will be shipped to you.

Shipping Policy